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Single screw juicer

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  • MaterialMelamine Gear

[Best Green Life Co., Ltd.]

  • South Korea South Korea
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This is the latest single gear juicer and food processor. With the three step auger, newly patented juicing screen, this model delivers more juice than any of similar style.

  • Cold pressing juicer - delivers a living juice
  • Juices most fruits, vegetables & wheatgrass
  • The motor with 20 year warranty
  • It comes with all new silicon seals on both plunger and screen to produce a true pulp free juice without the need of a sieve.The inventor of the single gear juicer realized consumers wanted to juice both fruit and vegetables successfully. While centrifugal juicers will produce a mushy pulp from fruits, the Vital Max has a "silicon seal" on the juicing screen which allows the fruit juice to be more readily separated from the pulp.

    It has a newly patented three-step auger crushing system which provides "the maximum" pulp free juice.

    The patented design of the auger, juicing cone and drum results in more juice, drier pulp, and most importantly increased vitamin content.

    The auger rotates at 75 to 80 revolutions per minute as opposed to the high speed, heat producing centrifugal juicers thus producing a living juice.

    The living enzymes in the juice produced by the juicer ensures a fresh and vital juice which retains appearance, flavour and nutrients for up to 48 hours when stored in the refrigerator. Juice from conventional juicers deteriorates very quickly. One way to see the quick deterioration of juice from high speed juicers is the brown color of the bubbles on the side of your drinking glass. This means your juice is not vital any more.

    A multi-purpose juicer and food processor

    1. A fruit juice extractor
    Efficiently juices soft and hard fruits: even citrus fruits, usually one of the hardest fruits to juice with a 'living juicer'.

    2. A vegetable juice extractor
    Juices all kinds of vegetables, including celery, carrots, peppers, radishes, cabbage without destroying the natural flavor and nutrition. Fresh taste, full nutrition are guaranteed with this unique extraction process.

    3. A grass juice extractor
    Wheat grasses, aloe leaves and pine tree leaves are just some of the other natural products which can be juiced with the Oscar Vital Max. Enjoy the best that nature offers in raw foods of all kinds and juice them for full nutritional benefits.

    4. Multiple mincer / chopper functions
    Also chops and minces, providing natural flavor and nutrition from garlic, red pepper, ginger, radish and many other foods, including herbs and seasonings. Soft foods for special diets for babies and geriatric patients are quick and easy to prepare with the chopper attachment.

    5. A pasta and noodle extruder
    Make fresh pasta and noodles in just minutes with the handy pasta nozzles.

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