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Eco Green Manual Juicer

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  • MaterialBPA FREE

[Best Green Life Co., Ltd.]

  • South Korea South Korea
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  • No power is necessary but using your hand gets nutrients without any loss


Compared with the other juicers powered by motors, BG Manual juicer is designed for being eco-

friendly needing no electricity, thus it generates no heat. Due to this structure, there are scarcely any

complaints related to electrical malfunction and also washable.

BG Manual juicer has bigger volume than the others so that it can yield much juicing. All the parts

are highly qualified and robust. It is durable real McCoy Made in Korea. With double locking system,

you can utilize it with safety.

Rather than the conventional blender using high speed rotating blades, the way of squeezing is

similar to the one by a hand mill. We call it Low Screw Compressing System. Through this way, it

doesn’t affect ingredients but preserve natural flavor and taste. So, it can make living juice far from

destroying nutrients.

Besides, it has double locking system, hence you don’t need to worry about safety.


  •  Manaul Juicer Part Composition




250 x 230 x 420mm




PE, PVC, Synthetic rubber, Stainless Steel


Made in Korea

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