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Single Auger Juice Extractor

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DA-900 is the world best single screw juicer among the existing juicers in the market. It is a few step ahead from the other single screw juicers and provides you maximum amount of pulp-free juice. It comes with everything you need to make from juicers to baby foods as well as pastas.


  1. It is made with extremely hygienic polycarbonate and melamine.
  2. It is equipped with low-speed gear which preserves flavors and nutrients. (High-speed juicer can destroy remarkable natural nutrients in fruits and vegetables)
  3. It is easy to assemble, disassemble, clean.
  4. It is safe. It stops and restarts when it is overheated.
  5. Reliable quality with international approvals. CE, UL etc.
  6. It extracts more than 60% from materials.
  7. It is extremely quiet.
  8. It provides juicers taste better and smoother.

Multi-purpose Function

  1. Fruit Juice
    It can extract healthy juices from fruits. It prevents natural flavor and nutrients with low-speed screw. It is sweet as well as healthy.
  2. Vegetable Juice
    It can extract healthy juices from a hard vegetables like carrots, beets as well as many other leafy vegetables.
  3. Wheat grass Juice
    It can also extract from wheat grass as well as aloe, pine needles which other juicers have hardly done.
  4. Meat/Fish Mincer and choppers
    It can mince and chop many kinds of meats and fishes as well as vegetables such as garlic, onion and radish etc.
  5. Food Mill
    You can make bread sticks, cookies or pastas with this juicer.